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Offices around the globe and growing


Clients across all industries

$10.1 Billion

Sales and lease transactions in 2015


Markets and submarkets around the globe


Our company was founded on the belief that proactively cooperating and collaborating with the global commercial real estate community is the right thing to do for our clients and the best way to ensure maximum value for our clients.  We’ve expanded this ideology to include a shared value network approach across all our service lines, offices and the communities where our Advisors live and work.

The three pillars that make up our logo symbolize: Openness, Inclusiveness and Innovativeness.

  • OPEN to diversity of thoughts and ideas.
  • INCLUSIVE of the entire commercial real estate industry.
  • INNOVATIVE with purpose-driven clients, colleagues, and communities.

Together these three distinct characteristics create the SVN Shared Value Network, an ecosystem that unites our clients, colleagues and communities through commercial real estate.

We mobilize the entire industry to work on behalf of our clients through our transparent sharing of fees and programs. We expand and maximize our talent pool and business networks by diversifying our teams and pursuing entrepreneurial solutions.

Wherever there is a need for a CRE facility, SVN has the fresh strategic thinking and comprehensive resources to deliver it.

Sperry Van Ness Is Now SVN

Same Collaborative Culture – Different Name

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Tired of being “brokered”?

handshake croppedIn 1987, frustrated with the way the industry handled clients and transactions, the founders of SVN did something about it. They pioneered a better way of handling real estate transactions that put the client’s interests first. Their mission? Create unprecedented value for SVN® Advisors and their clients. Today, SVN is growing national with a revolutionary business proposition: Compensated Cooperation.

The SVN® Difference

From the first day a property is listed, SVN Commercial Real Estate Advisors market their properties on a national basis to the entire 100,000-strong brokerage and investment community via real-time syndication to the major listing sites, social media and email campaigns, and our SVN Live™ Open Sales Meeting. Because their national and global reach includes primary, secondary, and tertiary markets, SVN Advisors have an advantage when it comes to locating investment options on behalf of clients across the world as they leverage the power of all brokers — even those with competing firms. How do we do this? By creating incentives to cooperate for not only our own Advisors, but for all brokerage professionals.

The SVN system® is designed to achieve the highest potential for real estate investors. Year after year, transaction after transaction, our Advisors work to ensure that maximum cooperation equals maximum value in every type of transaction.

Why do we do this? Because it’s the right thing to do for clients.


SVN® Commercial Real Estate Advisors put clients’ interests first. This is why we have become one of the most recognized commercial real estate brands in the world.

At SVN we believe in and actively practice Compensated Cooperation. This means that our Advisors commit to sharing fees equitably on any given transaction with other agents, outside brokers, and independent agents. All outside brokers and buyers are invited to opportunities and are equally rewarded for their efforts and relationships.

Why SVN?Through the practice of Compensated Cooperation, Advisors are able to expand their market reach in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets, allowing them to service their clients on a national level, from Main Street to Wall Street. This increased exposure generates more offers, which leads to maximum value for clients.

To support these efforts, all Advisors have access to innovative online publication and syndication software, leading-edge research, CRM programs, and National Product Councils. This combination of shared expertise and technology allows our Advisors to maximize our client’s time and return.

Our Advisors believe that Compensated Cooperation is not just in the client’s best interest, but it is simply the right thing to do. That’s the SVN Difference.